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WAST was established in Taiwan on November 3, 2010, and has opened the WAST® trendy bicycle brand. WAST® registered in Taiwan in 2014

Since the brand's establishment in 2010, so far, it has produced iconic design projects, original designs and characters

''WAST®'' ''VAGUS LION''  ''WAST MADE®''  ''nini®'' 

WAST brand founder is professional cycling rider, he is still passionate about cycling after he remove the identity of the players, so he has dedicated to the development of bike suit design.Depends on many years of cycling professional experience and the sensitivity of fashion, design a more professional,comfortable and stylish bike suit.

WAST® cycling suits are not limited to the stereotyped impression of cycling, we will create more diverse and flexibily costumes, and WAST® is committed to bringing cycling to every passionate player in life.